October 6th, 2012

GLEE: Darren coat adorable

If You Knew My Story, Word for Word {glee, Blaine+Sebastian)

title: If you knew my story, word for word
fandom: glee
characters/pairings: Sebastian Smythe, Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel. Klaine, Seblaine (friendship? ambiguous.)
ratings/warnings: Alluded to canon infidelity (so, not Sebastian) spoilers/speculation for future episodes (specifically 4x07, including a spoiler character for that plotline.)
wordcount: 3,600
summary: Sebastian sometimes thinks he can smell vulnerability on a cute boy from a mile away. In this case it isn’t nearly as satisfying as he thinks it should be.
notes: Title from the lyrics of ‘Young Folks’ by Peter Bjorn and John. This was my 4x01 reaction fic that I couldn’t seem to find an ending for. I found out why after 4x04 aired. And there will more than likely be another 4x04 fic because I'm not satisfied yet.

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