December 10th, 2011

GLEE: Sebastian is probably better than

To Get To The Heart, {Glee, Sebastian/Blaine}

title: To Get To The Heart (You Have to Cut Through)
fandom: Glee
pairings: (one-sided) Sebastian/Blaine, (mentioned) Kurt/Blaine
rating: PG
warnings/spoilers: Spoilers for 3.08
wordcount: 1200
summary: But excuses are just excuses and the reality, well, the reality is that he can’t seem to stay away.
notes: AKA why I shouldn't write things at 1am. Written for this prompt: As he sat in the audience, Sebastian had to convince himself over and over that he was just lusting after Blaine. After all, Sebastian Smythe does NOT fall in love. This is what happens when I'm trying to break my writers block. It doesn't really follow my Seblaine head-canon, but whatever, whatever I do what I want. Title from "Heartlines" - Florence + The Machine.

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