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ghost chips
29 May 2012 @ 05:59 pm
Blanket Disclaimer:

The works herein are written purely for entertainment purposes, there will be no monetary gain. The characters, surroundings and 'verses belong to their respective owners. I have no claim to them, I just like to take them out of their boxes sometimes. And yes, unless it isn't already painfully clear, I'm a truly obnoxious Blaine stan.

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ghost chips
22 January 2013 @ 04:11 pm
title: Your Halo’s Slipping Down
fandom: glee
characters/pairings: Kurt/Blaine, Eli/Blaine, mostly just Blaine.
rating: M
wordcount: 3,800
summary: Doubt can break a person, if they let it. Blaine was never all that put together to begin with.
notes/warnings: Title from ‘The Noose’ by A Perfect Circle. Includes explicitly addressed infidelity and a fairly brutal interior dialogue, specifically referencing the events of 4x04.
links: tumblr | AO3

They're masks to try on, a title to plaster over his name so he can say, if someone asks, this is who Blaine Anderson is now.Collapse )
ghost chips
title: And We All Shine On
fandom: glee
characters: Sugar Motta + Blaine Anderson, (with guest appearances from Unique Adams, Artie Abrams, Sebastian Smythe, Kitty Wilde, Brittany Pierce, Tina Cohen-Chang and the Warblers (basically everyone.))
rating: PG
spoilers: Takes place during the episode of “Glease”.
wordcount: 7,500
summary: In the weeks leading up to opening night, Sugar is determined to make sure her Teen Angel is ready for the stage.
notes/warnings: Written for the glee_besties minibang. Huge thank you to Kris for being an awesome beta and kicking my ass to get this finished. This deals with the aftermath of “The Break Up” so keep that in mind going into it. Title from “Instant Karma” by John Lennon.
links: Tumblr | AO3

The problem is that Sugar isn't nearly so oblivious as she pretends to beCollapse )
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title: Where the Lovelight Gleams
fandom: Glee
pairings/characters: Seblaine, (mentioned Klaine), the Anderson family.
rating: PG
warnings/spoilers: Spoilers for 4x10
wordcount: 7,500+
summary: Three Christmases in the life of Blaine Anderson.
notes/warnings: Title from “I’ll be home for Christmas”. I wasn’t overly impressed with this years Christmas episode, so it definitely reflects that.

It's an accident really.Collapse )
ghost chips

Title: A Caution to the Birds
Author: xsaturated
Artist: lost_witness
Word Count: 120,000+
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Seblaine (starting Klaine), Sebastian, Kurt, the Anderson family, the Warblers, the New Directions.
Warnings: Underaged drinking. Sex (including tremendously awkward!sex). Angst. Break ups. Suspected infidelity.
Summary: “You didn’t transfer schools for a better education or a change of scenery, Blaine,” his father reminds him, not unkindly. “We sent you to Dalton so you would be safe.” Or the one where Blaine’s junior year at Dalton means a boyfriend who is now his competition, a family who are only ever predictable when it suits them, a transfer student with a penchant for stirring things up, meddling Warblers and the realization that the safe option may not always be the best one. A season three!AU.
Notes: I would like to give a huge thank you to Kris for all of the incredible work she's done in making this monstrosity legible, to Shelby for the constant cheerleading and all of the wonderful feedback when I was stuck in a rut, to Ashley for being my writing buddy when we thought we should probably drop out and especially to Lisa for the gorgeous artwork she has created for this fic, I couldn't have asked for a better and more enthusiastic artist to work with over this process. Also a giant thank you to everyone who has had to deal with my constant whining over this fic for the past few months, I don't know how you coped. Title is taken from the song of the same name by The Frames.
Art Post: here (check it out and leave some feedback for her ♥)
Parts: AO3 | masterpost | one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve | thirteen | fourteen
Music: just watch the fireworks | jimmy eat world